Yephyu, February (10)

The Yephyu People’s Protection Force (YPPDF) issued an apology letter to the victims for the wrong shooting of a monastic car between 27 miles and Hnankye village in Yephyu Township, Tanintharyi Region, on February 9.

According to the information, the regime troops from the Kalainaugn-based battalion were on the road in two hijet cars in civilian clothes, and a civilian car was hit when the PDF attacked the car with a stake mine on the Ye-Dawei highway.

A monk from Raphu Ywarthit Monastery and a woman in the car were killed, and six others, including the driver, were injured.

The PPDF stated that they wanted to assist that incident because there were civilians in it, but due to various difficulties, they had to inform the relevant social rescue team.

The YPPDF apologized to all those affected by this incident and said they would take precautions to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The YPPDF is a local revolutionary group based in Yephyu Township, in cooperating with allied resistance groups in attacking junta troops and convoys, and assassinating junta informants.

News-Than Lwin Times

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