Belin, Febaruary (14)

Two monks and one novice were wounded when junta’s artillery shell hit the Migyaung Ai village in Mon State’s Belin Township, reported KNU’s Thaton District on February 13.

The Thaton-based 9th Light Infantry Battalion launched four mortar shells into Migyaung Ai village around 8:30 pm on February 11, one of which hit a structure in a monastery and exploded.

The artillery attack injured Ashin Tayvamsa, an 11-year-old novice, U Thaw Man, 56, and U Padita, 71.

The injured novice and monks were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment, the chairman of KNU’s Allied Supervisory Committee, Thaton, told Than Lwin Times.

He stated that the military council’s firing of heavy weapons into villages when there was no fighting is a war crime against civilians, and that the military council should cease these actions as soon as possible.

Every day, junta battalions based in Thaton Township fire heavy weapons into the villages, causing residents to panic and some to flee.

News-Than Lwin Times

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