More than 30 displaced people arrested as human shields in Launglon Township


Launglon, Maarch (18)

More than 30 displaced people who were seeking refuge in Yatain village, Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region, were arrested as human shields by the regime forces, the residents told Than Lwin Times.

On the evening of March 16, the100-strong junta army entered Yatain village and arrested the people who were hiding in the orchards as human shields.

The villagers who were arrested as human shields were those who had come to hide in Yatain village from Auk Kyauk Wut village, and among them were the elderly and children.

The junta forces detained them at a monastery in Kadak Ngahtein village and tied their hands behind their backs with ropes, he said.

On March 4, five villagers from Auk Kyauk Wut village were killed by junta troops inside the soccer field, causing more than 200 residents to flee to safety.

In Tanintharyi Region, the military council is taking local people as porters, arresting them as human shields, and killing them as they enter the villages.

The Southern Monitor, a research group, reported on March 5 that nearly 400 civilians were killed in Tanintharyi during the military coup.

News-Than Lwin Times


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