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Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program checks fake news and misinformation about revolution events on social media after the military takeover.

Today, we will verify the news spread by pro-junta fake accounts, entitled “PDFs burn Thamar Yoe village in Wet Lek Township to ashes,” with some images.

This fake news was spread by military lobbyist Ba Than since March 19.

“PDFs burned and destroyed Thamar Yoe village in Wetlat Township,” according to the fake news circulated online, along with photos.

The Than Lwin Times investigated the post and photos and discovered them to be false.

The truth is that on March 17, a nearly 100-strong junta column raided the village of Thamar Yoe in Wetlat Township. They set fire to the houses as they ransacked the village.

The RFA news agency reported citing the villagers that 275 houses had been destroyed by fire during the junta raid on Thamar Yoe village.

More than 4,000 villagers had to flee the violent raid by the junta army, carrying as much of their belongings as they could. A 75-year-old woman suffering from a stroke died in the fire.

RFA’s Report

 BBC’s report

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, the fact that PDFs burned Thamar Yoe village in Wet Lek Township to ashes is merely false information spread by junta supporters.

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