Hpa-an March (29)

More than 200 civilians were killed and nearly 500 wounded due to the junta’s human rights violations in KNU territory in two years following the coup, according to the KNU statement.

The report “Myanmar Military’s War Crimes in Kawthoolei: Loss of Lives and Livelihoods after the Coup of 2021” was published by KNU on March 27.

According to the report, there were over 7,500 skirmishes between the regime troops and the KNU-affiliated resistance forces following the military coup, and the junta committed around 1,500 human rights violations.

In KNU territory, the military council army committed a number of human rights violations that resulted in roughly 200 village deaths and about 500 injuries.

It is reported that the military regime used the villagers as porters or human shields and arrested more than 1,300 people for no reason, and many remain in custody.

In addition, 20 buildings, six hospitals, 13 schools, eight monasteries and nunneries, and six churches, were damaged after being hit by the military council army’s airstrikes and heavy weapons, and 882 residential houses were also ransacked and damaged.

In seven districts of the KNU, except Pha-an district, the junta expanded its military presence in six districts and violated the local agreements, so the fighting between the KNLA and the regime troops has resurfaced, and the military council has become more hostile to the KNU because it is supporting those who join the Civil Disobedient Movement (CDM), according to the report.

According to the report, the regime forces are committing various human rights violations daily, such as conducting airstrikes on communities inhabited by indigenous peoples, children, and disabled women and men in seven districts of the KNU, arresting and killing them, using them as porters or human shields, forcing them to do forced labor, looting, and burning villages.

More than 365,000 people in the Kawthoolei area have been displaced due to military ethics violations and human rights violations targeting civilians by the junta army, and they are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

News- Than Lwin Times

Phot- KNU

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