Loikaw, 3 May

The Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) has pledged to continue defensive war until liberation of Karenni people and emergence of federal system after ending military dictatorship, according to its statement to mark the 66th anniversary of their party.

The KNPP was founded in Helu village, Powaw Township in Lopwarkho district, in Karenni state on 2 May 1957, and it has been 66 years of establishment in 2023.

Its anniversary statement also said that KNPP will also keep on its political objectives of liberation of all Karenni nationalities from oppression and the emergence of federal Union with the full rights for self-administration.

They also took part in political dialogues to be able to solve political problems although they are conducting armed struggle as a part to reach their political goals. However, after the military took power as they are willing to develop ‘fake peace’.

The KNPP also said that a toal of 318 civilians were killed by the junta troops, and 134 of them were IDP, while 279 civilians are under arrest.

News—Than Lwin Times


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