Due to requirement for a state federal unit for current political situation, Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) was reformed on 15 February from the Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee (MSICC) which emerged after the military coup. During the first conference of MSFC on 22 February, plans for three sorts of power– legislation, judiciary and execution– were adopted for revolutionary and interim period.

Implementation of these plans, its challenges and messages of MSFC in Spring Revolution to the public were discussed with Nai Htaw Rot, the member of MSFC.

TLT: The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) has been reformed from the Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee (MSICC) four months ago. Can you talk about its legislative, judiciary and execution brances?

Nai Htaw Rot: The MSFC was reformed from MSICC at the conference. The MSICC was established after the military coup. It existed more than two years. The MSFC is comprised with committees to implement executive, legislative and judicial sectors adopted by the conference. These committees are working under the council. The committee will lead working groups. For example, there are 10 working groups under the executive committee. These committees hold separate weekly meetings regularly. The council has also 10 departments: defense, health, home affairs, humanitarian, education, women and children, land and information, external relation, finance and revenue.

TLT: What is the development on the adopted plans and other challenges?

Nai Htaw Rot: We continued the works of rescue, education and health departments in the same trend. We will have to develop these developments. There are also some challenges. The situation on the ground is very challenging for us. It is different from other areas. In Sagaing and Magway regions, revolution forces and struggles are very strong. However, we have not reached their levels. These departments are responsible for this. The judicial sector remains far from the situations on the ground, and that the relevant committee is facing some challenges.

TLT: How will you implement Mon state federal unit under MSFC as the state-based unit?

Nai Htaw Rot: The term Federal Democracy Union is put in the political roadmap of our Chapter 1 and 2. MSFC has targeted federal democracy Union as a political roadmap. The essence of federalism will be fulfilled with the comprises of states. We defined Mon as a state. A constitution is required for respective states to be able to implement its self-administration and equality to reach the goal to federal democracy. Our federal council is doing this.

TLT: How is the development on the decision made in the first conference of MSFC to organize anti-dictatorship groups in Mon State?

Nai Htaw Rot: MSFC is fighting against the dictatorship. We are comprised with political groups, women groups, CSOs, Mon organizations abroad, ethnic groups in Mon state, and Karen and PaO people. We will organize other faiths and ethnic people. We welcome all the anti-military parties. We have opened the door to a certain period.

TLT: What is the message and advise of MSFC to Mon people about Spring Revolution?

Nai Htaw Rot: The military coup has been two years in our country. During this period, people and some resistance forces have faced many challenges in food, shelters and health. Some people were killed, and some are still experiencing oppression, killing and arrests of the military. Supports of people is very incredible until now. I am of the view that we could enjoy the fruitful result of revolution soon. We advise people to fight against dictatorship in various means. We also appreciate people for their unwavering efforts in the revolution.

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