Tanintharyi, May (9)

Five migrant workers were injured when two passenger buses traveling to Thailand were hit by landmines and shot by gunmen on the Myeik-Maw Taung highway near Lathar village in Tanintharyi, said the locals.

On the evening of May 7, the combined revolutionary forces mistakenly fired at two passenger buses covered with tarpaulins, which were carrying more than 30 migrant workers driving from Myeik to Maw Taung.

One woman and four men, including a driver, were hurt in the incident.

The official from Tanintharyi PDF told Than Lwin Times that he was very upset that the passenger buses were mistakenly shot with junta vehicles and apologized to the victims.

In addition, vehicles running on the roads in Tanintharyi have been warned to follow the rules issued by the People’s Defense Forces.

After the passenger buses were shot by mistake, the regime troops have tightened security and increased inspections on the Myeik-Maw Taung road since the morning of May 8.

On April 1, a passenger vehicle was hit by a landmine near Lae Taw Ywar village of Tanintharyi Township, killing two people and injuring four.

News-Than Lwin Times


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