Mawlamyine, May (16)

Children’s basic rights and the rights that they deserve have been lost for more than two years since the military coup, said the volunteers who assist children’s affairs.

With the problems following the military coup, children are no longer able to fully enjoy their basic rights, such as education and health care, and they are also losing legal protection.

Among them, children from ethnic areas and rural areas, rather than those from urban areas, have no access to education and health care because they are fleeing the fighting.

On the one hand, after the military coup, the country’s economy continued to deteriorate, leaving urban and rural children unable to continue their education and working odd jobs for their families.

A volunteer who assists children’s affairs said, “Under the military regime, almost 90 percent of children’s rights have been lost. After the coup, children in the country’s economic decline have mainly lost education and health care. Children have to work to earn their own money.”

In addition, children are being exploited by having their wages cut off, and underage girls are also being sexually exploited.

An activist who assists the children said that the children’s future could be worse in the long run because there is no longer any support for children who are losing their rights.

After the military coup, children from ethnic and rural areas are being tortured, killed, and used as hostages, and are facing the worst conditions.

Activists stated the international community should take immediate action to protect children’s basic rights and the right to life, as well as provide physical and emotional support.

According to the NUG’s Ministry of Women, Youth, and Children Affairs, 395 children were killed in more than two years of military coups by the junta army, the highest number of deaths in Sagaing Region.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) reported that more than 600 children were arrested and nearly 370 were killed since the military coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: BBC

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