Ye, June (6)

The junta checkpoints dotted along Mon State’s Ye-Mawlamyine highway are demanding thousands of kyats from travelers, the passengers and drivers confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

For security reasons, the military council has installed more checkpoints on the Yeh-Mawlamyine road and is demanding exorbitant amounts of money from travelers.

Each passenger who is not from the Mon state must pay up to 2000–5000 kyats at every security checkpoint, while others must pay up to 1000–3000 kyats.

One of the passengers said, “The Ye suspension bridge checkpoint on the Ye-Mawlamyine road is the worst in terms of collecting money, demanding up to 3,000 kyats from everyone in the car”.

On the Ye-Mawlamyine road, the suspension bridge gage, Ayu Taung bridge gate, toll gate, and Three Pagodas checkpoint are the ones that demand excessive money from travelers, while the other checkpoints collect money from trucks and passenger buses.

According to a local resident, there was no demand for money at the checkpoints previously, but since last month, they have been extorting money, and if they return from the villages, they must pay around 10,000 kyats.

The departmental staff said that despite complaints to the military council about such extortion at the checkpoints, no action was taken.

After the military council declared martial law in Mon State’s Ye Towsnhip, where battalions, outposts, and departmental offices are frequently attacked, a number of checkpoints have been installed as security has been tightened.

News – Than Lwin Times

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