Tanintharyi, June (6)

The displaced people in Tanintharyi Township, which has been imposed under martial law, are suffering from seasonal flu during the rainy season, according to the volunteers who assist the IDPs, told Than Lwin Times.

The IDPs started catching the seasonal flu in the second week of May, and the number of infected has now surpassed 300, with all family members infected.

In addition, some displaced people suffer from malaria and diarrheal diseases, apart from the seasonal flu.

An official of the United Hands aid group said that seasonal flu outbreaks occur on a large scale among the displaced people, and they are facing shortages of medicine.

Therefore, he urged the people to help the refugees with medical supplies and the relevant organizations to provide humanitarian assistance.

On the other hand, junta restrictions on the transportation of food and medicine caused various difficulties for IDPs in Tanintharyi Township.

Nearly 8,000 local residents have fled the junta’s artillery shelling and offensives in Tanintharyi Township during the two years following the coup, said the aid workers.

News – Than Lwin Times

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