Kyaikto, June (21)

The combined force of the KNLA dropped 10 bombs with a drone on the Kinmonchaung police station at the foot of Kyaikhityo Hill in Mon State’s Kyakikto Township, the Allied Oversight Committee told Than Lwin Times.

The joint force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) launched attacks on Kinmonchaung police station, where junta troops and policemen live.

The regime forces fired heavy weapons into the surrounding villages of Kinmonchaung in the attack.

Colonel Saw Kyaw Myint, chairman of the KNU’s Allied Oversight Committee- Thaton, said that the bombs launched by the revolutionary group exploded in the compound of the police station, and the details of the situation are under investigation.

A person close to the military council said that only a vehicle and some buildings were damaged in the drone attack, and no people were injured.

After the attack on the police station, the junta army reinforced 20 more troops and tightened security.

The Kinmonchaung police station has been frequently attacked since the military coup, damaging the police housing, and injuring or killing some members of the military regime.

News-Than Lwin Times


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