Junta leader calls for unity within army


Sittwe, July (12)

The military leader, General Min Aung Hlaing, once again urged the military family during his visit to Rakhine State to take extra care not to disintegrate the army, which has deployed troops on the front lines across the country, reported a junta-controlled propaganda newspaper.

The military leader made this remark while meeting military families and members, including officers and soldiers, during his visit to Rakhine State on July 10.

According to the military chief, military personnel in Rakhine must connect with the residents in a friendly manner, and they must strive for unity both inside and outside the army.

Furthermore, military men were ordered to improve their military skills in order to protect the country and to refrain from drinking alcohol.

This is the military leader’s second visit to Rakhine State since the Mocha cyclone, and he has promised to continue rehabilitation efforts during his trip.

Every time the military leaders meet with the members of the army, including officers and troops, during their trips to the states and regions, they always urge them to unite within the army.

On April 7, the second military leader, Lieutenant General Soe Win, in his visit to Shan State, alleged that local and foreign organizations and the media are trying to disintegrate the unity within the army and weaken the army.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MOI


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