The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) that was  reformed from the Mon State Interim Coordination Committee is implementing 10 sectors under its Legislation, Judiciary and Executive Committee. 

 This interview with Nai Htaw Rot, member of MSFC, is about implementation of legislation, judiciary and executive sectors, current challenges and cooperation with National Unity Government.

TLT: Could you talk about progress in 10 work plans of MSFC, and what are the ongoing challenges?

Nai Htaw Rot: Our council reported developments during weekly meetings. Three committees also presented their works during these meetings. Some of ten departments are implementing their works although some departments are not possible to unevil their works. We need to maintain this confidentiality. We have started education, health, information and humanitarian assistance departments. Plans are underway to begin external relations department.

TLT: To what extent have the resistance forces been ready for implementation of defence and judiciary sectors, and what are difficulties in these sectors?

Nai Htaw Rot: Our challenges are mainly in defence and judiciary sectors. We were unable to organize resistance groups in our state. As we have no territory under the control, we have to ignore judiciary sector.

 TLT: How is MSFC working together with NUG and other resistance force?

Nai Htaw Rot: One union minister and two deputy ministers of NUG are from MSFC. Our council do not intervene in their works. But their activities are reported in brief at the meetings of council.

  TLT: How is MSFC is collaborating with the civil societies for the locals  in preventing loss and land seizure for airport and port projects in Mon state?

Nai Htaw Rot: In addition to these projects, we are collecting data together with civil societies in fighting against other abuses. While clashes have intensified in our state, some people are trying to escape from the conflicts. Our council is discussing humanitarian assistance for the IDPs and conflict torn areas.

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