Myaing, 1 August

Military troops arrested and killed civilians in Myaing township of Magway region.

Locals said to Than Lwin Times that a military column with about 60 soldiers arrived in Aiema village on 26 July to reinforce their troops there.

“Soldiers have entered Twinma village. They set fire to a car, and shot a mentally disabled person at the head. Pro-military Pyusawhtee members are carrying out violent attacks, “ a local told Than Lwin Times.

Social media page of Spring Revolution (Myaing) also reported that a 37-year old man, identified as Nay Aung, was killed by soldiers, and a car and a motorbike of revolution force were also burnt.

On 26 July, the military arrested seven people in Aiema villages were arrested for human shield on 26 July, and five of them were released after two days.

About 50 soldiers were mobilized to Konnee village to reinforce that column, and the military column from Aiema village has entered Twinma village.

 On 29 July, Pyusawhtee members in Kanni village destroyed three houses, and stole six cattle and seven motorbikes away.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo_ Spring Revolution (Myaing)

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