Mawlamyine, August (1)

Meteorologists and rescue team officials have warned local residents to be cautious during rain-induced floods and landslides in Myanmar’s southern Mon and Karen States and Tanintharyi Region.

On July 31, the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology under the military council reported that  low pressure area emerging in the northern Bay of Bengal may develop into a depression during the next 12 hours, bringing heavy rain to Myanmar’s southeastern regions.

According to the weather forecast, if the low pressure turns into a depression, surface wind speeds in squalls might reach 45 m.p.h., and wave heights could reach 13 feet off and along Myanmar’s coasts.

Because of the current depression, heavy rainfall in several Myanmar townships could lead to flooding, a weather official warned the people to be cautious.

“A depression is currently forming in the northern part of the Bay of Bengal. The monsoon wind is getting stronger and rain may fall in Bago, Rakhine, and Yangon until August 1.

The low pressure area may not reach the level of a storm, according to current estimates, but he warned that people should be especially cautious due to the risk of persistent rainfall, floods, and landslides.

An official of the social relief organization said, “Last year there was no storm and flood. It has been raining continuously for three or four days now. In the next two days, the rain is likely to get heavier. Because of this, we are relocating some people to higher areas on this side”.

It has been raining continually in Mon State since July 28, causing floods in Kyaikto, Belin, Paung, Mudon, Thanbyuzayet, and Ye townships, and residents affected by the flood have to be evacuated immediately.

Floods in Mon State killed four people, including three children, in the third week of July, affecting thousands of local residents.

Almost 70 people died due to floods and landslides in Mon State in 2019.

The National Unity Government (NUG) also warned the people of Southern Myanmar and Rakhine State to be especially cautious from July 31 to August 2, as there is a risk of flooding and landslides.

News – Than Lwin Times

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