Only few political prisoners among 500 inmates released in Mon State


Mawlamyine, August (2)

The military council granted an amnesty to 500 male and female prisoners in Mon state on 1 August.

They were  male and female inmates from Kyaikmaraw Central Prison, Mawlamyine Prison, and 11 stone mining camps.

Among them, there are 96 male and female prisoners from Kyaikmaraw Central Prison, 119 from Thaton Prison, and 65 from Mawlamyin Prison.

However, there are relatively few political prisoners among those released by the military council, and the majority of them have been sentenced for theft and drug cases, including defection from the police force and army, said a source close to Mon State’s Prison Department.

Than Lwin Times revealed that out of nearly 100 female prisoners released from the Kyaikmaraw Central Prison, only four political prisoners are among them, and they are about to complete their prison terms.

The military council has released 7,749 male and female prisoners who were sentenced in various prisons and jails across the country on parole to commemorate the second full moon day of Waso (Dhammacakka Day) on August 1.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-MRTV Web


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