Kawthaung, 26 August

Five junta troops were killed and five others were wounded in a clash that broke out in Mali Wan village near Thai-Myanmar border in Tanintharyi Region’s Kawthaung Township, Kawthaung PDF told Than Lwin Times.

The allied resistance forces attacked a 50-strong military column that advanced towards Mali Wan village from Khamauk Kyi village around 8 a.m. on 24 August using landmines, heavy weapons, and small arms.

A source from Tanintharyi PDF said that the military council troops retreated due to heavy losses after the exchange of fire for nearly 20 minutes.

The junta army retreated to Khamauk Kyi viallgae, collecting the injured or dead troops.

The junta troops’ invasion has forced more than 100 troops from Chaung Wa village to flee to Thai territory, said locals.

In July, there was no fighting between the junta army and the revolutionary forces in Kawthaung, but there has recently been another round of fighting.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Kawthaung PDF

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