Hpasawng, 7 October

The prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed in Mawchi region of Kayah State, where conflict has dragged on for more than two and a half years of military coup, according to the residents.

According to a Mawchi resident, the price of basic food products, which had been rising steadily since July this year, has now reached a record high.

The price of a bag of coarse rice is 400,000 kyats, edible palm oil is 100,000 kyats per viss, onions are 20,000 kyats per viss, and one egg costs up to 1,500 kyats.

U Banyar, chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC), told Than Lwin Times that the increase in commodity prices is due to the difficulty of transportation and regional instability.

The main industry of the Mawchi region is tin mining, and with no crops in the region, the price of its products is almost double that of Loikaw since before the military seized power.

It has been reported that the price of basic food items such as rice, oil, onions, and eggs has gone up compared to before the seizure of power.

The Loikaw-Dawtamagyi-Bawlakhe road, which is the main transport road to the Mawchi area, has been the scene of heavy fighting between the junta army and the revolutionary forces since last year.

The revolutionary forces have issued a warning to the public not to use that road.

As a result of the fighting, the residents of Mawchi are facing exorbitant commodity prices, and even if they have money, they do not have the chance to buy food, according to the locals.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media

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