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Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program checks for fake news and misinformation about revolution events on social media

after the military takeover.

Today, we will verify the news circulated on social media saying, “The army is the only hope for the helpless Bago flood victims.”

This fake news has been spread by the pro-junta Facebook, Telegram, and Tiktok accounts of

Hmine Wai and Han Nyein Oo since October 10.

The Than Lwin Times investigated the post and photos and discovered them to be false.

In fact, local volunteers are rescuing people trapped inside their homes due to flash floods in Bago City from the night of October 8 to the morning of October 9, and as of 2:30 p.m. on October 9, there have not been any reports of rescue operations by the junta authorities.

The entire basement of the Bago Hospital was flooded, and all the rescue teams in Bago City were desperately searching for boats to evacuate the trapped people.

In addition, from October 8 to 10, nine villages in the Upper Zai Ganaging Gyi village tract on the Bagon River’s bank were flooded. According to RFA, the majority of them live in the monastery and high-rise structures, and the monks must feed them. The BBC reported that rescue operations were unable to cope with flooding in city’s highland neighborhoods, where boats are not usually kept ready.

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, the report, “The army is the only hope for the helpless Bago flood victims,” is just false information spread by junta supporters.

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