Kawthoolei, 9 November

The Karen National Union (KNU) plans to increase military operation in order to establish federal union, said Padoh Saw Kale Sae, the spokersperson of the KNU.

The KNU has successfully held the third meeting of the Central Executive Committee after the 17th Congress from November 2 to 5, KNU said in a statement on November 6.

The meeting decided to approve the implementation of political, administrative, security and organizational reform activities and policies by the relevant committees and various departments for the implementation of the objectives of the Federal Unit.

Padoh saw Kale Sae stated, “We are going to strengthen the Kotu Air Federal Unit’s political, administrative, and security aspects, as well as its military aspects.” Our political goal is to create a federal democratic system. Karen’s destiny, as our chairman Saw Ba Oo Gyi stated, must be created by Karen.”

The KNU’s Secretary General, Padoh Saw Tar Do Hmu said at a press conference held in August that the KNU will give priority to the development of a Kawthoolei federal unit that practices a democratic system of self-determination.

Currently, fighting is taking place between the junta army and the joint forces the KNU in the 3rd, 5th and 6th Brigades of KNU-held area.

In recent days, the allied resistance forces launched attacks on military outposts and camps in Brigade 6 area of Kyainseikgyi near Thai-Myanmar border, suffering heavy casualties on both sides.

According to the KNU’s battle figures released last October, over 3,500 clashes have been reported so far between the junta army and revolutionary forces in the Kawthoolei administrative area this year, with thousands of military council troops killed.

News-Than Lwin Times


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