Lashio, 10 November

Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing has accused the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), an ethnic Kokang armed group, of launching Operation 1027 in order to gain influence through drug profits.

On November 8, the military council convened the Defense and Security meeting, which is usually held at the end of the state of emergency.

The military leader said at the meeting that the Kokang group had taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and the internal unrest to attack the camps and bases at the same time.

The military leader stated that they can control the attacks of Brotherhood Alliance and that the appropriate response will be carried out.

Li Kyarwen, the spokesperson for the MNDAA-Kokang, said, “The military leader’s accusations are baseless, and we have been combating drugs since 2000.”

The military leader said that the Kokang group had been making military preparations in the “Wa” region since 2022 to attack their camps and had launched the Operation on October 27.

Acting President U Myint Swe stated at the meeting that “if the military fails to terminate the conflict in Northern Shan State, the country may be divided into pieces, and the issue needs to be dealt with carefully and properly.”

The spokesperson of MNDAA-Kokang, Li Kyarwen, said, “We cannot accept U Myint Swe’s statement, and this operation is to eliminate the military dictatorship, build a new federal union state, and root out online scams.”

“The Three Brotherhood Alliance can control the towns they have captured and have attempted to exercise self-government there during the 13 days from the start of the operation to November 8,” the statement said.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance captured six towns and nearly 150 military bases and outposts in Northern Shan State, while the joint forces of PDFs occupied two towns in Sagaing during the two weeks of Operation 1027.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance, the allied forces of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the NUG-affiliated PDFs, are currently attacking the junta army not only in Northern Shan but also in Sagaing.

The resistance fighters are using drones to drop bombs on departmental offices and monasteries where military council troops are stationed in the southern part of the country, in some townships in Karen and Mon States.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance announced that Operation 1027 will be carried out throughout the country in cooperation with other revolutionary armed organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – MOI

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