AA denies involvement in drug trafficking


Sittwe, 21 December

The Arakan Army (AA) denies having anything to do with the drug trafficking seized by police force in Shan State and Yangon Region.

The military council reported on December 18 that they seized a drug smuggling gang with more than two tons of ice and 800 kilos of the controlled chemical caffeine worth 51.87 billion kyats during the first and second weeks of December, saying the AA officials were involved in this case.

The military council accused Colonel Kyaw Myat Oo, alias Wai Thar Tun Oo, from the Arakan Army (AA) of smuggling drugs and arrested seven members of the AA, including the colonel, along with the evidence.

The AA responded that whenever the military council was unable to compete its opponents militarily, it used political tricks to attack the others, and that the current accusation was simply a political dirty trick used by the military council.

The seven people accused by the military council of being members of AA are a colonel, lieutenant, lieutenant, sergeant and private, and they have been charged under the law on drugs and psychotropic substance, reported the military regime.

Since the second week of November, the AA has engaged with the junta army in Paletwa Township in Chin State, including 14 townships in Rakhine State, and the AA has occupied more than 140 military bases and outposts.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance captured more than 420 military camps and bases in northern Shan and Rakhine States, along with lots of military equipment, while the military regime lost control of seven towns in northern Shan State.

News-Than Lwin Times



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