The Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC) established after the military coup, was changed to the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) at the beginning of this year, with three ministers in the National Unity Government (NUG) and three representatives in the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

The MSFC released a joint statement on 15 December that it will lead the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF )politically and militarily and will also be responsible to fulfill the military needs.

The interview with the spokesperson of the MSFC , Nai Mon Sai is about the activities of the MSFC, the plan to assist the MSRF with military needs, and the fighting conditions to eradicate the military dictator.  

TLT – Could you talk about the activities and goals of the MSFC?

 Nai Mon Sai – Before the MSFC, the Interim CoordinationCommittee was established in April after the 2021 coup d’etat. The committee supported the MSRF, and then worked for the formation of the army.

The MSFC supported the revolutionary forces and it came together to become a force, our MSRF, in Mon State, became stronger and organized. The MSRF is going to be responsible for the defense and the attack on the military dictatorship.

Than Lwin Times – How will the MSFC fulfill the military needs for the MSRF as announced to support it?

Nai Mon Sai – Military supports cannot be provided  too much at the moment. We will first support the expenses of the food necessary for the MSRF, and the help needed for their families, and for health care. In the future, we will handle their military affairs and training.

The MSRF will coordinate with other groups for the military. Currently, we cannot provide any military assistance. I want to say that we will help MSRF to stand up first as a military unit of the state. 

Than Lwin Times – If the MSRF will take the political and military leadership of the Mon Federal Council and stand as the Mon State’s revolutionary forces, is MSFC aiming to be a revolutionary organization that represents the entire Mon nation? Could you explain what kind of organization it is? 

Nai Mon Sai – MSFC is working to participate in the revolution as much as possible, whether it is the entire Mon nation or the entire Mon state. After the MSRF has been established, we will act as an alliance with the rest of the revolutionary forces.

Other revolutionary forces can also connect with MSFC and offer for their needs other than arms and ammunition. Our goal is to support them from behind so that everyone in Mon State can unite and fight.

Than Lwin Times – What is your message to Mon people and the ethnic groups in the Mon state regarding these Mon ethnic organizations fighting for the public to root out the military council?

Nai Mon Sai – My message to the Mon people and the Mon ethnics, whether we are Mon people or the ethnic groups in Mon state, is that we are removing military dictator as the first priority on this day.

At the same time, the MSFC is the future federal unit. We are also working to emerge the federal union, which includes all the ethnic groups that represent the current state. Until the military dictatorship exists, we will be in trouble.  We have to root them out. So I would like to encourage all  to cooperate with the revolution.

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