Ye-U, 17 January

Myanmar junta troops raided a village with the majority of Catholic population in western part of Ye-U Township in Sagain Region, and burnt down a 129-year-old Merry Church and residential houses on 15 January.

Junta soldiers camped at the church in Chanthar village on the day before they set fire it.

At the Merry Catholic church, the newly renovated residence for priest, the bell tower and a century-old nunnery were burnt,  a local said to Than Lwin Times.

 However, the Merry Cave,   meeting point and worship place were left unburnt at the Merry Church  which was built by the Catholics in 1894..

With nearly 600 houses, Chanthar village  came under the fourth arson attack after similar incidents in May, June and December 2022.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo- People’s Defense Comrade

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