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Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program verifies fake news and misinformation about revolution events spread on social

media after the military takeover.

Today, the news spread on social media with some images by military lobbyists saying “Footage of an arson attack on a village in Ye Township by the KIA and PDF” will be verified.

 This content was disseminated via the Telegram accounts of Ba Nyunt and Hmine Wai on January 16, which constantly favor the military and disseminate misinformation.

The Than Lwin Times looked into the post and found it to be misinformation.

In fact, this image is from the footage of an arson attack by the Ye Balu resistance group on the Mytel tower. Military lobbyists converted the video clip to images and spread them on social media.

The Ye Balu, a revolutionary force, reported, “We, the Ye Balu group, destroyed the Mytel tower, which is located in our territory , Kyonlaung village in Mon State’s Ye Township, after 11 pm on January 10. We closed down the military regime’s education department in Kyonlaung (old village). Moreover, we will exterminate the affiliates of military council in our territory.”

You can read the original sources at the links below

Ye Balu’s report

 People’s Spring

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, “footage of arson attack on a village in Ye Township by KIA and PDF” is merely false information spread by Junta supporters.

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