Pro-junta lobbyists circulate misinformation about Bo Nagar’s MRDA being designated terrorist organization


Real vs. Fake News

Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program checks for fake news and misinformation about revolutionary incidents circulated on social media following the military takeover.

Today, we will verify the reports shared by military supporters on social media saying, “The NUG declared the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA) led by Bo Nagar as a terrorist group”.

Starting on August 28, Han Nyein Oo, Saw Ba Maung, Sergeant Phoe Si and Hmine Wei circulated a fake statement on Telegram channels claiming that the NUG’s Ministry of Defense had issued such a statement.

Than Lwin Times discovered that the content shared by fake accounts of military supporters is simply a false statement and propaganda.

The fake statement states that the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA), led by Bo Nagar, has been expelled from the military wings of the National Unity Government (NUG) and declared a terrorist organization for not following the rules issued by the NUG, and it was signed by NUG’s Defense Minister U Yee Mon.

Than Lwin Times checked and found that NUG’s Facebook page for the Ministry of Defense has not issued or mentioned such a statement.

National Unity Government’s statement

NUG’s Public Voice Television (PVTV)

Myanmar Pressphoto Agency’s report

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, the report ” The NUG declared the Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA) led by Bo Nagar as a terrorist group ” is just false information spread by junta supporters.

Than Lwin Times


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