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Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program checks for fake news and misinformation about revolutionary incidents circulatedon social media following the military takeover.

Today, we will verify the report shared by military supporters on social media saying, “Lat Khet Taung hill camp is now under the control of the military council”.

This fake news was circulated on Telegram channels and Tiktok accounts by Hein Lynn Htet, Hmine Wai, Han Nyein Oo, Saw Ba Maung, Sergeant Phoe Si.

Than Lwin Times found that the content shared by fake accounts of military supporters is

simply a false statement and propaganda.

The Cobra Column and allied forces maintain control of the Lat Khet Taung hill camp, and the Cobra Column released video footage of their comrades providing security there.

According to Cobra Column, the rumor that the army has taken control of Lat Khet Taung is incorrect. Until now, the military council has been trying to recapture Lat Khet Taung camp with reinforcements, dropping bombs with drones, and using fighter jets.

The junta army launched attacks on Lat Khet Taung hill camp near Myawaddy in Karen State, controlled by the Cobra Column, with airstrikes and bombings, but had to retreat.

The entire Lat Khet hill was captured by the combined forces of Brigade 6 KNU/KNLA, Cobra Column 1, and Federal Wings on July 21, 2023.

Croba Column’s statement

DVB’s report

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, the report “Lat Khet Taung hill camp is now under the control of the military council” is just false information spread by junta supporters.

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