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Mingalabar! Welcome to Than Lwin Times’ Real vs. Fake News program.

This program checks for fake news and misinformation about revolutionary events on social media after the military takeover.

Today, we will verify the news circulated on social media saying, “The KIA and PDF failed to capture the military camps in Shwe Ku Township and military council did not lose a single camp.”

This fake news has been spread by the pro-junta accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and TikTok and propaganda channels like Han Nyein Oo, the Ministry of Information and MRTV.

The Than Lwin Times investigated the post and photos and discovered them to be false.

The joint force of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Shwe Gu-PDF captured and burned the camps of Infantry Battalion 56 and Light Infantry Battalion 602 in Shwe Ku Township of Kachin State on the morning of October 18, Naw Bu, the spokesperson of KIA, confirmed to independent media.

The massive joint forces of KIA and Shwe Gu-PDF seized the communication bases of Light Infantry Battalion 602 and Infantry Battalion 56 with heavy and small arms, killing one soldier and seizing a MA-11, mines, food, and ammunition, reported Shwe Gu PDF.

The KIA and PDF captured the camps, seized the weapons and ammunition, and burned the camps.

Shwe Gu PDF’s statement

RFA’s report

DVB’s report

According to the reliable sources mentioned above, the report, “The KIA and PDF failed to capture the military camps in Shwe Ku Township, and the military council did not lose a single camp,” is just false information spread by junta supporters.

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